Petar Graso Wallpapers

- Oliver Dragojevic performs Petar's first song "Boginja" ("Goddess") on "Dora 1995." (music festival where a song is chosen to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest) and wins 2nd place. - Oliver Dragojevic's album "Vrime" comes out and on it are two of Petar's songs: "Boginja" (Goddess) and "Vrime bozje" (God's time). The arrangements were done by Guido Mineo (who is also an accomplished album producer), Goran Macuzic and Dragan Lukic. - Petar's song "Da si tu" ("Wish you were here") appears on Doris Dragovic's album "Baklje Ivanjske". - on the 29th July, "Vrime bozje" becomes 'Hit of the week' on radio "Gradska mreza" in Split. - on the third evening of "Dora 1999." (this year's "Dora" consists of three evenings, and the last evening is the real "Dora '99-choosing of the croatian song for Eurosong") Petar performs the song "Ljubav jedne zene" ("Love of a woman") and, although favourite, for the third time on "Dora" he reaches 2nd place; on the first evening of "Dora" called "The best Dora" Peter's song performed by Danijela "Neka mi ne svane" became the best of all previous 6 winning songs on the past "Doras". - in the beautiful atmosphere of the national park "Risnjak" Graso works on the video spot for the song "Ljubav jedne zene" (video spot is directed by Katja Restovic). - on the 6th "Pop Media Festival" in Karlovac, Petar wins only one prize, in the category "pop singer of the year". - on 31st May Petar and Danijela take part on Petar's biggest concert in Slovenia held in Ljubljana's Krizanke in front of 5000 people; famous slovenian singer Milan Rudan with his group Remi band and the group Nude also appeared on this concert; the tickets were sold out a few days before the concert. - on the festival "Melodije hrvatskog Jadrana Split'99" Petar performs the song "Lakse mi je s njom"("It is much easier with her") and wins the "Golden Seagull" (1st prize) by the votes of the audience on the 2nd evening and the "Silver Seagull" (2nd prize) on the final evening, also by the votes of the audience. - video-spot for the song "Lakse mi je s njom", directed by Katja Restovic, is released. - on 25th September Petar's new (2nd) album "Utorak" ("Tuesday") is released, and over 35000 copies were ordered before its release; those 35000 copies were sold in 2 days (25000 on the 1st day); in Slovenia other 90000 copies were sold in just two days. - video-spot for the song "'Ko nam brani"("Who denies us"), directed by Zoran Pezo, is presented. - on 14th October on the festive promotion of the album "Utorak" held in the Emerald hall of hotel "Esplanade" in Zagreb,Croatia, Petar gets the "Silver record" and the "Golden record" on the occasion of the album's incredible sale, and a "Platinum record" on the occasion of total sale of his first album "Mjesec iznad oblaka" (over 90000 copies in more than two years in Croatia and 60000 copies in Slovenia). - album "Utorak" gets a "Platinum record" in Slovenia. - video-spot for the song "Nevista"("Bride") is released. - on 19th December Petar takes part on "Zagrebfest '99".