Ana Gabriel Wallpapers

For more than twenty-eight years the music of Ana Gabriel has been a constant companion of the Latino public. This gifted artist is always evolving and venturing to interpret different styles of music, while at the same time keeping in touch with the public's taste, thereby creating very successful productions. Her career began in 1974, after years of struggling and waiting for the right opportunity. In 1984 she entered the Valores Juveniles song festival, where she competed as a songwriter with the song "No Me Lastimes Mas" and came in second place. At that point she joined the cast of Sony Music artists and has since recorded 18 very successful albums, allowing her to evolve as a singer providing her with great personal satisfaction. Ana has interpreted and recorded a great variety of music such as Lambada, romantic ballads, Mexican songs accompanied with Mariachi and traditional boleros. This great singer/songwriter has also recorded songs from the last century that have become musical treasures. In 1985, she competed for the first time in the OTI song festival. This event gave her international recognition. In 1987 she won first place in the same festival, giving her the opportunity to represent Mexico in the OTI '87 that took place in Portugal. Her albums have generated an impressive amount of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond records. She has also received some of the most renowned international awards (Billboard, Lo Nuestro, etc...). Ana has also triumphed in Latin America as well as in countries like Holland, Spain, and Slovenia, demonstrating that she has earned the public's admiration and respect at an international level. Ana Gabriel and her music are perfectly amalgamated. The recording studio is the temple of her artistic creativity and the guitars her companions, in the most sensible moments. Now Ana Gabriel starts the new millennium with an album that takes us back to an era full of romanticism. An era when the trios were accompanied mainly by guitars, marking a musical form that remains alive today: the bolero. The guitars have become Ana's inseparable companions. Those guitars with their strings create sounds that are inspired by moments of pain, sorrow, happiness, anger, or desperation. These different feelings are expressed through the songs in Ana Gabriel's new album titled ETERNAMENTE. The classic boleros resurface with renewed life in Ana Gabriel's voice, injecting freshness to a musical genre that has become the favorite of the young as well as the adult public. The bolero has created a union of different eras, times, and spaces throughout the world for generations. With romantic overtones as its principal characteristic, the bolero talks of love or lack of it in a very profound and poetic manner. For ETERNAMENTE, Ana Gabriel achieved a neoteric sound but at the same time respected the essence of the songs, creating a perfect balance between the musicians and her voice. "Poquita Fe" is the title of the first single from ETERNAMENTE. In this track Ana Gabriel gives herself completely, rendering with feeling and intense power a song that completely captivates the listener. To create an album more attractive and updated, Ana Gabriel wrote two new boleros: "Por Ti" and "Mas Que Un Simple Amor." These two songs will become classics due to their quality and the romanticism generated by this great performer. Ana Gabriel has always demonstrated a great respect for Latin and traditional Mexican music, paying homage to many of the most important musical passages of our history. ETERNAMENTE is not an exception at all. It has maintained the essence of the bolero, injecting new life to songs that marked an era in a very subtle and magical way.