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Jamie Oliver Jamie Oliver has turned a lifelong passion for cooking into an enormously successful career both on television and off. His cooking philosophy is simple  anyone can turn everyday food items into gourmet meals. It has made him one of the worlds hottest chefs and proves that even with your busy schedule you can create wonderfully fantastic dishes that are as fun to make as they are to eat! DOB: 27th May 1975 Parents: Sally (nee Palmer) and Trevor Oliver Siblings: Anna Maria, she\'s 1-and-a-half-years younger then him Status: Married *sob sob* On the 24th of June 2000 to Juliette Norton, whom he met when he was 14 at school and has been going out with since he was 17 or 18. Children: Their first daughter, Poppy Honey was born on the 18th of March 2002 and second daughter Daisy Boo was born around March 2003. Musical talents: He plays drums in a band called the Scarlet Division. How he got started in cooking: When the was 8 he wanted pocket money so he asked his dad and he said \"Only if you work for it\" so he would sit him down with carrots and potatoes to peel. Only he wanted to be the kitchen \'where all the action was\'. By the time he was 15 he was cooking 100 meals a night! His first job was head pastry chef at Neal Street Restaurant. Then he lived and worked in France for a while. He got his big break while working at River Caf. There was a doco being filmed and although he was aware he\'d been filmed he was gobsmacked when he turned out to be in most of it! Patricia Llwellyen (creator of Two Fat Ladies and the River Caf doco) decided to turn this \"young cocky blonde haired boy from Essex\" into a star!! How he met \'the missus\': When he first saw her she thought he was an idiot (I knew he was perfect first sight!) and he thought she was big-haired and clumsy (she\'s tall and she kept tripping over), \"but then I saw her all dolled up to go out and I changed my mind\" Fave bands: The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and Inspiral Carpets he also likes acid jazz Comes from: Rickling near Saffron Walden in Essex Lives in: London Best mate: Ben who he affectionately calls \'Bender the Aussie\' (he\'s 30 and was born in London but lived in Perth till moving to England)