Vanna Wallpapers

Vanna Vanna's real name is Ivana Ranilović-Vrdoljak, and today she is one of the most popular female artists in Croatia. Vanna was born on 1st September 1970 in Koprivnica, where she finished primary, secondary and music school. At that time she used to perform at various national children an youth festivals, where she was regularly winning first prizes. Her official debut is considered to be her performance at the Zagreb Festival called Zagrebfest, where she won the first prize in 1989, performing a duet with a musician Ilan Kabiljo. The same year she left Koprivnica and began her studies in Zagreb. She enrolled the Faculty of Arts, at the Univerity of Zagreb, Department of English language and literature, where she regularly took all the exams. She has been living in Zagreb since then. From 1989 to 1991, she sang in a band called Boa.