Vesna Pisarovic Wallpapers

Vesna Pisarovic Vesna Pisarovic was born on April 9th 1978 in Brcko. When she was three years old, she moved to Pozega with her parents. As eight years old girl she started with music school, where she played flute because the guitar class was already full – although guitar had been her first choice. Vesna hasn’t regretted this; over the four following years she was diligently learning and practicing. Her only regret was that she couldn’t sing at the same time. She first appeared on stage as an eleven-year-old girl on the amateur singing festival in a little town Kaptol, near Požega. She sang at the time very popular Lambada and won the first place. She got a symbolic money reward and sneakers. In 1992 she appeared on a children’s TV program, Turbo Limach Show, where she sang a song of her favorite singer Whitney Houston. The organizers of children’s festival The Azure Pearl from Rovinj (Modri biser Rovinja) liked her performance and she participated on the above-mentioned festival the following year. After graduating from high-school Vesna moved to Zagreb where she enrolled in the Faculty of Filosophy. Last year she finished the Faculty and become a professor of Croatian language and phonetics. When she was nineteen she made a début on the festival Zadarfest with a song she had composed for herself – “I’m gone”. The same year a singer and composer Ivana Plechinger introduced her to a composer Milana Vlaović, with whom she collaborated on her first album “If you knew” released by a record company “Croatia Records” in 2000.It’s with Milana’s version of a well-known song of Laura Pausini, named after the original - “Non che”, that Vesna won a wide audience and started to perform on numerous festivals. She won the best-début reward on a variety festival “The Melodies of the Croatian Adriatic” (Melodije Hrvatskog Jadrana) in 2000 in Split, as well as the reward for the best vocal interpretation on Zagrebfest. In 2001 Vesna released her second album “Za tebe stvorena” and crowned her success by winning the first place on Dora – the Croatian contest for Eurosong. She will represent Croatia with a song “Sasvim sigurna” by Milana Vlaović on Eurosong 2002 in Estonia’s capital, Tallin. The audience and critics have described the young and talented singer from Požega as an attractive, sexy and – first of all – interesting novelty on the Croatian pop music scene. In 2002 Vesna released her third album “Kao da je vrijeme”. Noticeable, though discreet, Vesna has over the past few years slowly and systematically built her career, at the same time studying on the University of Arts in Zagreb. Although she likes to listen jazz, rock and funk, as well as a more melodious version of house music, she won her audience as a pop singer, and she decisively opposes to any disparagement of that music style. Regardless of the style, she focuses her attention on vocal interpretation that she considers to be the only true spark to fire up the audience. It’s not complicated, it’s very simple: “I’ve never declared that I wanted to be a singer, it was an urge, I didn’t even think about it”, said Vesna who used to sneak out of her family house in Požega to go to music lessons in Zagreb.