Anna Chlumsky Wallpapers

Anna Chlumsky Anna Chlumsky - Filmography, Biography Miracle in the Woods (1997) (TV) Child's Wish, A (1997) (TV) Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (1995) My Girl 2 (1994) Trading Mom (1994) My Girl (1991) Her great-grandfather owned a trained bear that appeared in Three Stooges movies. Mother is Nancy L. Chlumsky Very close to Elijah Wood. Was a model from the age of 10 months. Manager + Coach is mother, Nancy Chlumsky Screen tested for Jurassic Park. Also turned down Beethoven, Lassie and a sitcom based around Anna. Wants a part alongside Winona Ryder, Robert Sean Leonard or Elijah Wood. Her grandmother's prom dress was a costume for "Frankenstein" Father Frank Chlumsky is a saxophone player and owns a restaurant in Wisconsin Graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in International Studies and is an aspiring food critic. Anna now lives in New York City and commutes to her job as a researcher for Zagat. [2002] Zagat is a restaurant guide in the Manhattan area, she is a aspiring food critic. Uncle Buck (1989)