Jane Wyman Wallpapers

Jane Wyman Jane Wyman (born January 4, 1914) is an American actress. Born Sarah Jane Mayfield in St. Joseph, Missouri, she later took the name Sarah Jane Fulks in honor of the neighbor family who unoficially adopted her after her parents divorced. In 1928, she and her mother moved to Southern California, where her mother, Le Jerne Pichelle, tried to start her own acting career. When that was unsuccsessful, she turned to her daughter as a surrogate, but neither was able to move Hollywood. The two moved backed to Missouri, where Sarah Jane attended college, but in 1930 she began a radio singing career, calling herself Jane Durrell. Filmography Pollyanna My Man Godfrey All That Heaven Allows Night and Day The Lost Weekend The Yearling Bon Voyage! Here Comes the Groom/Just for You NBC News Presents