Britney Spears Kevin Federline Wallpapers

Between smooches, Britney Spears (news), 22, and fiancé Kevin Federline, 26, spoke with People about their two-month romance and their future together as man and wife. • She saw him at a Hollywood club and was instantly attracted. "He was just standing there. I was like, 'Hi. Just come with me.' " They spent a passionate week together. • Spears, who six months ago annulled a 55-hour Vegas marriage to childhood pal Jason Alexander (news), was gun-shy about marriage. "I wasn't even thinking about doing something like this because of the big stink that had happened in Las Vegas," she says. • By the time they met in April, Federline's relationship with actress Shar Jackson "was already done," he says. Federline and Jackson have a 2-year-old daughter, Kori, and another child due this month. On Wednesday, Jackson told Access Hollywood: "After I meet (Spears) and everything's all cool, we can be one big happy family." And that's OK with Spears. "I love little ones," she tells People. "I think the situation is good." Spears has not met Kori. • The Spears/Federline family will "definitely" grow to include children. "I see myself with four or five," Spears says. "I'm not going to say if it'll be soon," Federline says. "We're starting with a dog," Spears adds. It's a Maltese puppy named Lacy. • Federline met Spears' mother, Lynne, in June, and he received her blessing. "They have good karma. They're a good fit," she tells People. For Spears, love is clearly the center of her life right now, perhaps even eclipsing her music. The only thing on her professional plate is an album of greatest hits due Nov. 16. The final leg of her Onyx Hotel tour was canceled after Spears injured her knee June 8, requiring arthroscopic surgery and four months of recuperation. "I was ready for a break," she tells People. "It had been a great tour, but my head wasn't really into it." Her head, we now know, was into Federline.