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Ryan Reynolds is quickly emerging as one of Hollywood\'s most sought after leading young men. With a unique flare for comedy, Reynolds received critical acclaim for his comedic performance as the title role in National Lampoon\'s Van Wilder. He was most recently seen in The Amityville Horror, a remake of the classic horror film, and the comedy Waiting (also starring Anna Faris). In December, 2004, Reynolds costarred in the third installment of Blade series. In Blade: Trinity, Reynolds played Hannibal King, an acerbic vampire hunter in league with Wesley Snipes\' Blade character. For the role, Reynolds dedicated himself to a physical transformation, gaining an impressive 20 pounds of muscle during the production. His other feature film credits include the comedic drama The Alarmist, which received critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as the features Buying the Coa, Finders Fee, Dick, Coming Soon, Ordinary Magic, Foolproof, and Warner Bros. remake of The In Laws. Reynolds is fondly remembered for his hysterical portrayal of medical student \"Michael Bergen\" in ABC\'s Two Guys and a Girl.
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