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One of the most popular cartoon characters ever is Daffy Duck. Daffy was the second hit star from the Warner Bros. cartoon shop, appearing two years after Porky Pig. Before Daffy and Porky, Warner Brothers had only hoped to beat the Disney studio in popularity, with the black-and-white Hugh Harman Rudolph Ising Bosko cartoons of the early 30s, and later the horrible Buddy cartoons. Bosko had potential, but his creators got a better opportunity to work at the MGM cartoon studio. They took Bosko, a little inkspot character with the characteristics of a little black boy, with them after 3 years at Warners, working for independent producer Leon Schlesinger. In 1934, the cartoonists remaining, including Friz Freleng, decided to continue the Bosko formula with a white song-and-dance kid named Buddy, one of the most boring characters ever created. These recieve trashing from modern critics, and are among, now, the rarest of all Looney Tunes.