Andrew Bryniarski Wallpapers

Andrew Bryniarski Wallpapers 1600*1200 Andrew Bryniarski Wallpapers 1024*768 Andrew Bryniarski 800*600 Andrew Bryniarski (b. February 13, 1969) is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a former bodybuilder. While visiting a friend in California, he wa discovered by a talent scout and soon found himself in the film Hudson Hawk alongside Bruce Willis. He has appeared in numerous films, but is best known for his work as Leatherface in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a role that earned him a nomination as Best Villain for the MTV Movie Awards and People Magazines Teen Choice Award for Best Thriller.He has also agreed to reappear as Leatherface in the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel. He is also an accomplished musician. He plays in the the band Shadow Syndicate, and is a member of Black Label Societys Los Angeles chapter. His personality could best be described as the bastard son of Dolph Lundgren and Glen Danzig. Filmography Year Title Role Other notes 2006 The Forest Chasing 3000 Gang Member The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning Thomas Hewitt Leatherface 2005 Seven Mummies Blade 2004 The Curse of El Charro El Charro 2003 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Thomas Hewitt Leatherface 2003 Black Mask 2: City of Masks Iguana/Daniel Martinez Scooby Doo Cavern Henchman 2003 Rollerball Halloran 2002 The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special Lobo 2001 Pearl Harbor Joe, Boxer 1999 Any Given Sunday PatrickMadman Kelly 1995 Higher Learning Knocko 1993 Street Fighter Zangief Cyborg 3 The Recycler Jocko 1993 The Program Steve Lattimer 1992 Batman Returns Charles Chip Shreck 1991 Necessary Roughness Wyatt Beaudry 1990 Dragonfight Bar Fight Spectator