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Amber Tamblyn Wallpapers 1600*1200 Amber Tamblyn Wallpapers 1024*768 Amber Tamblyn Wallpapers 800*600 Biography Born May 14, 1983 - Santa Monica, California, USA Amber Rose Tamblyn began acting at the age of 5 in a theatrical school, called SMASH, in southern California. During Amber's 9 years in attending SMASH (kindergarten- 8th grade), she performed in over 13 plays, including starring in Pippy Longstocking in 4th grade. Amber would soon find out that being Pippi was the beginning of her real career in the entertainment business. Her long time family friend and agent Sharon Debord, who after seeing the play, instantly confronted her about going on a few auditions discovered Amber. Amber landed her first three roles in a matter of months. Beginning with a small film called Live Nude Girls,starring Dana Delany, then an independent film entitled Biker Poet in 1994. Then, in the winter of 1994, Amber landed a short term role on ABCs General Hospital, which continued for the next 7 years. She finished her second film, Johnny Mysto Boy Wizard at the age of 12, which she costarred with her father. At the age of 17, after 5 years of focusing on GH, Amber decided to jump back into the acting game and start auditioning again. She quickly landed the lead for a pilot for the WB, entitled No Ordinary Girl, written by Bob Brush (writer of The Wonder Years). After being forced to pass up several film roles because of her hectic schedule on General Hospital, Amber decided to leave when her contract expired in the spring of 2001. Over the next year she accomplished numerous roles a guest lead on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, guest lead on Boston Public, the lead in a pilot for the WB show Prep,a lead role for the premiere episode of The Twilight Zone, a short film written and directed by Vim Venders and the DreamWorks film The Ring, directed by Gore Verbinski. Amber recently starred in the hit drama Joan of Arcadia on CBS for two years and co-starred in her first feature film for Warner Bros., The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants. She next stars in the lead role in The Grudge 2, and also has Spring Breakdown, Stephanie Daley,Normal Adolescent Behavior and Safety Glassin the works. Normal Adolescent Behavior (2007) - Wendy Safety Glass (2007) - Tess The Grudge 2 (2006) - Aubrey Davis Spiral (2006) - Amber Spring Breakdown (2006) Stephanie Daley (2006) - Stephanie Daley The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) - Tibby