Tatana Kucharova Wallpapers

Tatana Kucharova Wallpapers and Photo 1600*1200 Tatana Kucharova Wallpapers and Photo 1024*768 Tatana Kucharova Wallpapers and Photo 800*600 Biography Tatana Kucharova Miss World 2006 Tatana was born in Trnava and grew up in Opocno. She is a High School student, her future ambition is to attend university, graduate, have a modelling career which she hopes will enable her to travel and to be a good parent one day. Her hobbies are: Tennis, volleyball, horse riding, ice skating and many other sports, she also enjoys dance and listening to music with a nice melody. Tatana likes to spend time with her many pets, she has: cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, a bird and a turtle. Favourite food is Chicken. Personal motto would be � Always be an optimist�.

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