Ten til Noon Wallpapers

Ten 'til Noon Wallpapers
Release Date: March 30, 2007 (LA)
Studio: Radio London Films
Director: Scott Storm
Paul Osborne
Starring: Paul J. Alessi, Alfonso Freeman, Rayne Guest, Jason Hamer, Dan Hagen, Jennifer Hill, Justin Huen, Ron Kochevar, Tom Kopache, Dylan Kussman, Jenya Lano, Erin Stutland, Rick Wasserman
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Plot Summary: In ten minutes, everything can change. For these ten people, it will. A jet-lagged Larry Taylor awakens to find two strangers in his bedroom, and over the next ten minutes, will experience the most terrifying - and possibly final - moments of his life. But who these strangers are, and whay they want, can only be determined by events occuring elsewhere, and at the same time. We relive those same ten minutes through the eyes of those connected to what is not a simple home invasion, and with each person, find ourselves propelled closer to the truth.