American Cannibal The Road to Reality Wallpapers

American Cannibal: The Road to Reality

Release Date: March 16, 2006 (limited)
Studio: Lifesize Entertainment
Director: Perry Grebin, Michael Nigro
Not Available
Starring: Dave Roberts, Gil S. Ripley, Kevin Blatt, Trishelle Cannatella
Genre: Documentary

Plot Summary:
As the title suggests, "American Cannibal" takes the reality television craze to the next provocative level as Dave Roberts and Gil S. Ripley desperately try to get their break on the small screen. The two out of work television writers are hired by the publicity-obsessed promoter Kevin Blatt, the force behind the notorious Paris Hilton sex tape, to create a brutal all-or-nothing reality television show "where survival is just the beginning." Soon, all involved with the production realize that their lust for success is eating at them literally and figuratively.

"American Cannibal" chronicles the journey from a high-concept pitch to its train-wreck production. The entire behind-the-scenes process was documented by the affable duo up to the controversial conclusion when a contestant was critically injured, forcing the production to shut down.

Featuring exclusive on-set access and interviews with industry insiders such as New York Post's Linda Stasi and The Daily Show's Lizz Winstead, as well as a number of reality-TV veterans such as Trishelle Cannatella, "American Cannibal" draws upon our reality and celebrity-obsessed culture to create a hybrid style of storytelling that resonates as both fresh and true. The film blurs the line between fact and fiction and leaves the viewer grappling with the gray area in between to create a style of storytelling never before seen in American cinema.