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Frederik NDoci

From the land of eagles, the best powerful voice takes flight, Frederik NDoci, an Albanian hailing from the lakes and the mountains of Albanian’s historic Shkodra, is on a mission to capture the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere. Frederic NDoci born on February 9th, 1960, started writing, acting and singing at an early age. He is known to be one of the greatest writers and singers from Albania around the world. NDoci has electrified the stage of all the world with the voice of Caruso and the heart of Elvis Presley and the soul of a gypsy. Not only does he scale the operatic heights of his deep baritone and enchanting tenor range, he also melts hearts with his seductive and sensual romantic voice. What sets Frederik apart from the opera stars and crooners in his versatility as a multi – instrumentalist and accomplished songwriter. The world will discover after the fourth latest CD “Canterina” (USA) what he will tell us after the performance in ESC 2007. One of the Latin songs “Corazon de Cristal” of this album has won the price in Independent Music Awards. Also “Canterina” has listed for seven Grammy nominations. Frederik Doci was named “Man of thousand voices” because he sings baritone, tenor, bass and countertenor. He can sing arias, romantic ballads, rock songs, Neapolitan – all in authentic character. Frederic NDoci is known to be of the Albanian’s greatest representative of modern art with his revolutionary and radical ideas on music. Frederic NDoci has released before “Canterina” the following albums like “Canta Frederik” (Italy), “Sono Gitano” (Italy) and “Frederik and Friends” (USA). NDoci has participated in five AL RTV Song Contest, he has won the AL RTV Song Contest in 2006.