Sabrina Wallpapers


She doesn’t remember the day she sang for the first time. But her parents remember that dolls were put aside and any object was used as a microphone. There was no audience, but in a child’s imagination that doesn’t matter. 

She grew up singing. She sang in school and in family reunions. She participated in projects that made her travel the country and abroad, but always with the same attitude: that of those who want to make it right.

Just like in the past, it doesn’t matter if there’s a large or small audience. What matters is to sing and make others sing.

She likes to feel the warmth of the audience. She likes the energy her presence gives the public and the vast array of emotions that make each show unique.

Humble yet confident, and knowing it is better to convince than to win, Sabrina embraces the challenge that is the Song Festival, a true hymn to love and joy. “Dança Comigo” (Dance with me) is much more than an invitation.