Anonymous Wallpapers


Anonymous is a young band like its members, who have just reached the age of majority. The group was created in Andorra in 2004 when some school friends decided to form a band following the example of their idols Blink 182 and Sum 41. Since then the band has found its place in the Principality and has a following of a large number of teenage fans.

Their concerts at the opening of the Games of the Small States in 2005 and their performances in clubs around the country have been the finest introduction for Anonymous.

The group is also introducing itself, little by little, into the Spanish music panorama, with appearances in various communication media. They have taken part successfully in musical competitions such as the Global Battle of the Bands, in which they came second, and the Emergenza. At the end of 2006 the group made a tour around Catalonia, opening the concerts given by Falling Kids, one of the latest emerging teenage punk bands in Spain.
Anonymous is a young band, just like its members, who have all just begun to live their great dream, becoming rock stars. The first stop on their voyage will be the Eurovision Song Contest, where they hope to infect us all with their hopes and wishes for a better world.