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One of the most mysterious and extremely talented performers - the winner of "Factory of Stars 6", Koldun will represent his country of Belarus at one of the most important and prestigious music contests in Europe: "Eurovision 2007".

This blue-eyed brunet was born on
June 11th, 1985 in Minsk, Belarus. His mother, the founder of Princess Diana's Belarusian fan-club, had always dreamed of having a daughter who would look like Diana. Amazingly, her dream partly came true. She had a handsome little boy with a striking resemblance to the Princess, who from early childho od exhibited phenomenal abilities in music, literature and even science.

In 2002 Koldun was majoring in chemistry at the
Belarusian State University, but felt himself being pulled towards the world of entertainment and show business. He decided that music and singing is what he wants to do with his life. 

In 2004 he became the lead vocalist for the State Concert Orchestra of the
Republic of Belarus conducted by Mikhail Finberg and the rest is history. 
Besides dominating the Factory of Stars with his vocal talent, Koldun had already achieved fame by winning "Factory of Stars 6" (Russian version of "Pop Idol") contest and performing with the legendary "Scorpions". He also participated in numerous international music festivals such as "Molodechno 2005" and "Slaviansky Bazaar" in Vitebsk. 

He has fan clubs and devoted fans in all the major cities in
Russia, Belarus and former Soviet republics.

At the "Eurovision-2007" in Helsinki Koldun will perform "Work Your Magic", a song written for him by a famous Russian superstar Philip Kirkorov with lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan.