DNASH Wallpapers


D'NASH is the first Spanish “boyband” consisting of four young boys voices with a unique stile and with a special magic for winning Eurovisión.
Mikel (Tenerife 1983) A graduate in audio-visual communication, actor, model and salsa dancing teacher. He is the most romantic of the group.
Basty (Cadiz 1981) On the stage since he was a kid, he has travelled accross Spain performing as soloist with his band. He is a pilot and the sportsman in the group.
Javi (Seville 1983) The benjamin and the joker of the group. Always connected with the music, he has sung soul in chorus and was a dancer of modern style.
Ony (Valencia 1981) Outstanding singer from the school chorus, he has played in musical theathers. He has also been cinema actor and hip-hop teacher. The most passionate member of the group.