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Les Fatals Picards

Les Fatals Picards

Les Fatals Picards: 
Ramone's energy,
Barry Manilow's sensibility...
...or the opposite!

Les Fatals Picards in numbers: 
400 gigs, more than 150 000 people in the audience, more than 6000 people in the fan base more than 30 000 albums sold, 200 000 kilometres on the road, 3500 gas stations tested (only 2000 were approved). 
No car crashed! 
No animal injured!          

As their name says it all, Fatals Picards are as Parisian as Texas. Dedicated to the modern thought, they decide to form a band and mix music up with humour. They also add other useful ingredients to get success, but obviously they can’t reveal them and prefer to keep the recipe secret.

The band is officially formed in 2000 by Ivan. He added a few buddies in order to legally keep the notion of "band", and thus benefit from several fiscal advantages, like for example car sharing. Fatals Picards then started their promising career, one year after the world’s end announced by Paco Rabanne, just to make sure that the prophet was completely wrong, and that would have been too bad to form a band for nothing just a few months before the apocalypse.

After playing numerous gigs during five years, they decided to play even more, but not the same gigs, not to arouse suspicion from the Picardie’s guru. They know they are constantly spied by the fashion world, so the band takes various faces, going from an insolent duet with quirky humour, to an insolent quintet with quirky humour. Now, this is a winning team composed by five proud guys : Ivan – lead singer -, Laurent – guitarist -, Jean-Marc – drummer & eventually booker -, Paul – second lead singer (in case one of the two is out of order), and Yves (bass player (because they need one). Not less than 300 gigs in five years, not more though, because that is a lot of work none the less, and they need to keep a thrilling private life.

Three self-product albums, and their own booking structure Adone, formed them to be able to bear everything. Now they can hold their breath for more than 30 seconds, they can eat half a baguette in a meal (if they are two people), they can keep their eyes shut for more than six hours without moving a lash, well, almost … Their complete control is even more blatant on stage where they are regularly applauded after each song! 

2006 is a crucial year for them, by the way the amount of “2006” numbers makes 8 ! At last, they are known by the record industry by signing a record deal at Warner Music (by the way, the amount “Warner Music” letters makes 8 !”). They are encouraged by the music business to stand up against gurus, and keep on making their shows, full of energy, surrealism (*), laughs and people ! Yes, because the audience is growing up : 5 centimetres more than the national average. Run to their gigs before you cannot see anything else than people’s napes!

2007 is the year of the international consecration, Fatals Picards are representing France at the Eurovision contest. Their song “L’Amour à la Française” praise romanticism made in France, combined to British charisma, the whole in a perfect and elaborated Frenglish, envied from all the countries in the world. Love does not have any border anymore…

The greatests testify :
« I’ve had such a laugh … »
Arthur Shopenhauer
« That’s really funny »
Barbara Cartland
« I prefered when it was you »
Barry Manilow