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Roger Cicero: Swing is his thing!

Roger Cicero, born on 6th July 1970, is genetically predestined. Eugen Cicero, Roger's father, was a famous jazz pianist in the 1970s in Europe. His mother was a dancer at the opera, but was unable to continue her career because of a broken toe. Artists were constant guests at home, the legendary Josephine Baker cuddled him on her lap.

At the age of 4 he was lifted onto a piano stool - but his protests were successful. Roger Cicero did not want to be a wunderkind. At 10 he discovered the guitar, which was much more to his liking. On long car trips father and son sang songs together by Gilbert O’Sullivan, Errol Garner, Stevie Wonder and Manhattan Transfer, and Roger's early musical taste developed in this way.

At just 12 he made his first stage appearance (with Helen Vita), at 16 he had his first TV shows with Horst Jankowski and the RIAS dance orchestra. After leaving school he underwent solid musical training: first of all song, piano and guitar at the Hohner conservatoire in Trossingen. In 1991 he studied music at the School of the Arts in Hilversum, majoring in jazz singing. With his club appearances he not only financed his life in Holland but also developed into a charismatic entertainer. Back in Germany he worked first with the Soullounge formation, later on issuing his first CD under his own name and that of the After Hours formation. Other jazz CDs followed (among others with Julia Hülsmann) and Cicero was praised by all the critics, both for the CDs and for his live performances.

Finally, the meeting with songwriters and producers Frank Ramond and Mathias Haß led to his jazz-oriented path curving sharply upwards. With this team he was able to realise a long-held dream: to record a CD with swing music and contemporary German lyrics. 

The album was called "Männersachen" and entered the charts in the lee of the fantastic single "Zieh die Schuh aus" just 2 weeks after it was issued at the end of May. And it's still there. The current status is platinum.

Roger Cicero was ready for the big stage. With his brilliant 11-piece band, under the direction of the pianist Lutz Krajenski, his music partner, he is now taking part in a major tour of Germany. Many of the 33 concerts planned up to now have already been sold out. Cicero is being celebrated by enthusiastic audiences and is enjoying the success to the full.

On 8th March Cicero will be one of the three candidates taking part in the German knockout round for the Eurovision Song Contest. The song he has written especially for this occasion is called "Frauen regier’n die Welt" ("Women rule the world"). This does not refer so much to the power initiative by Angie, Hillary, Ségolène & Co – it is more a deep-seated recognition, internalised over generations but still accepted with a twinkle in the eyes, that only an out-and-out macho does not want to accept. And Roger Cicero is definitively not a macho.