Forgiving the Franklins Wallpapers

Forgiving the Franklins
Release Date: September, 2007 (limited)
Studio: Here! Films, Regent Releasing
Director: Jay Floyd
Jay Floyd
Starring: Teresa Willis, Robertson Dean, Aviva, Vince Pavia, Mari Blackwell, Pop DaSilva, Khris Scaramanga
Genre: Comedy

Plot Summary:
The Franklins are a typical North Carolina family: Frank is a lawyer, Betty is a homemaker, and the high school-age kids, Caroline and Brian, are a cheerleader and a football star. After a terrible auto accident, Frank, Betty and son Brian have a comical, casual encounter with Jesus Christ, who removes their sense of Original Sin. They wake up, fully recovered, and begin to embrace life with lusty enthusiasm. Left out of the equation is Caroline who, in the throes of adolescence and real bodily pain from her injuries, must figure out why her family has suddenly and ravenously embraced their repressed sexuality.