Snow Buddies Wallpapers

Disney\'s adorable talking puppies are back, and this time they venture to the frosty arctic and team up with new friends in a thrilling dogsled race across Alaska.
When the going gets tough, the daring dogs have to band together with their new friends, Talon and Shasta, and muster up the courage to face the fur-raising challenges ahead. But will they have what it takes to win the race and find their way back home? Join the Buddies for more fun and more action in this all-new heartwarming film about the power of teamwork and following your dreams, featuring the all-star voice talent of Dylan Sprouse and exclusive bonus features!


  • Dominic Scott Kay Adam
  • Josh Flitter Budderball
  • John Kapelos Jean
  • George Henry Hodges Mudbud
  • Lise Simms Meg
  • Liliana Mumy Rosebud
  • Mike Dopud Joe
  • Jimmy Bennett Buddha
  • Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. Sheriff Ryan
  • Skyler Gisondo B-Dawg
  • Dylan Minnette Noah
  • Tom Everett Scott Buddy
  • Richard Karn Patrick
  • Molly Shannon Molly
  • Cynthia Stevenson Jackie
  • Dylan Sprouse Shasta
  • Kris Kristofferson Talon
  • Jim Belushi Bernie

Additional Details
Directed By: Robert Vince
Based On: The Character \"Air Bud\" Created By Kevin DiCicco
Written By: Based On The Character \"Air Bud\" Created By Kevin DiCicco; Written By Robert Vince And Anna McRoberts
Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Approximate Run Time: 87 minutes

Snow Buddies  Wallpapers - Disney Wallpapers
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Snow Buddies Wallpapers - Disney Wallpapers