3X3 Eyes Wallpapers

The setting is Mars, it is sometime in the distant future. Technology has advanced so much that androids now serve human beings. Ross Sylibus is a detective from Earth. He is assigned to solve a series of brutal murders along with his headstrong partner, Martian police officer Naomi Armitage. A mad killer is dead set on destroying all the "Thirds". "Thirds" are androids so lifelike and advanced that they can pass for human. They feel, they think, and they can even reproduce! Eventually, it is discovered that several prominent people in society are actually "Thirds" and mass hysteria breaks out. But the biggest surprise for Ross is his partner -- Armitage the Third! Characters: Pai Meishing Li Rin Rin Shunkai Choukai Asai Natsuko Yakumo Fuuji Mama Shiva Steve Ron Houasyou (Enchanted Snake) Tatsuya Benares