Ah! My Goddess Wallpapers

Oh My Goddess! is a story about love, family, and the kind of filthy-rotten luck every warm-blooded male wishes he had. This OVA sports memorable characters and a fun storyline, and is one of the more light-hearted anime out there. It's not without its serious moments, though they are few. While most of the pieces that make up this anime are just above average themselves, they all come together to form something special. A bit about the title is first on the agenda. Oh My Goddess! is the brainchild of Kousuke Fujishima, a talented artist and writer. At the moment of conception, he gave his work the name Ah! Megami-sama (this is just a phonetic spelling, of course). A direct translation would suggest that the title in English should be "Ah! My Goddess", and it is the title Pioneer used for its localization of the Ah! Megami-sama movie. When AnimEigo went about localizing the OVA, they pointed out the possible word play "Oh My Goddess!" to Fujishima-san, and according to them he liked it. Because of this, both titles could be considered proper for an English adaptation. The story focuses on two characters: Keiichi Morisato the college student, and Belldandy the goddess. The story begins at Keiichi's dormitory, where he has been tasked by upper-classmen to watch over the dorm and take phone calls. They were kind enough to not leave Keiichi any food, so he makes a phone call to order takeout. After several failed attempts at ordering food, he accidentally dials the wrong number and gets the "Goddess Hotline", where the woman on the other end says she'll meet him for a consulation. After freaking Keiichi out by appearing out of a mirror, she introduces herself as Belldandy, and says to him that she can grant one wish. Thinking it's all a big joke, Keiichi wishes she were his girlfriend. He soon finds out it's not a joke, and gets thrown out of his dorm for having a girl inside. Throughout the course of the story, we meet Keiichi's sister Megumi, and Belldandy's sisters Urd and Skuld. Though it's a short series, weighing in at only 5 episodes, most of the characters get a fair share of screen time. The strengths of the story are its entertainment value, its moral values, and the fact that it just makes you feel good. The elements of the story are cohesive, and the pacing is just right. What the story lacks is depth. It's not very thought provoking or profound, just fun. Free wallpapers of your favorite anime