Aika Wallpapers

ยท Agent Aika is an insane fan service anime. You could not even imagine some of the angles used in many of the shots. This anime is like just one step short from being hentai, keeping it on the ecchi side. Anyhow, the animation was top notch. Drawing the scenes in some of the angels used is just impressive. The fight sequences are fluid and pretty cool to watch. The character design and animation was excellent. Aika is probably one of the best looking characters among anime. However, the fan service shots did get a little repetitive. 92% for animation. The story is pretty interesting in that Aika starts out fighting some of the small fries and eventually learns of the huge organization she has to fight against. But, other than that, there is not much else to it. No plot twists or turns, just straight forward butt kicking goodness. 70% for story. The characters are pretty interesting. Aika, of course is just awesome. The rest of her gimps... err... side kicks are just plain goofy and almost useless, except for Gusto, occasionally. The mix of characters does make for an interesting time, however. In the last 3 episodes, one of the sidekicks is just a total loser, and does not even provide comical support very well. So, 80% for characters. The sound and music was pretty decent, 81% for that. Nothing spectacular, but it fit well while watching the anime. The opening video was pretty cool, earning an 89%. The ending video was not as good, so it gets an 75%. Despite the excessive fan service, the animation and fight sequences were good enough the keep me entertained, so enjoyment factor is 90%. The series had a pretty conclusive ending, but it was not really satisfying.