Final Fantasy Wallpapers

Final Fantasy Wallpapers Final Fantasy: Unlimited takes place here, on Earth. A gateway leading to another world has opened up near Japan, over the ocean. A black pillar begins calling "Summoned Beasts" from an alternate world that the gateway leads to the Earth. A geologist, Dr. Hayakawa, and his wife Marie choose to travel through this gate to the other world. After its first excursion, the party returns alive, and write a story about their experiences. They disappear when they venture through the portal a second time. The children of the missing Doctor and wife, Ai and Yuu, venture to find their parents with the help of the book their parents had written. First they travel to a train station, supposedly abandoned, where a train leaves, every night, for the other world, at 12:13:13 (twelve hours, thirteen minutes and thirteen seconds). There, the female protagonist is encountered, along with a girl by the name of 'Lisa'. Lisa is dressed in an orange dress, with several belts. Ai and Yuu wear school uniforms, pink and red for one and green and white for the other, respectively. It is not known how the alien protagonist of the story is encountered, but his name is apparently Wind. He wears a brown jumpsuit and a black cape. Final Fantasy Wallpapers 1600*1200 Final Fantasy Wallpapers 1280*1024 Final Fantasy Wallpapers 1152*864 Final Fantasy Wallpapers 1024*768 Final Fantasy Wallpapers 800*600 Final Fantasy Wallpapers 640*480