Bears Wallpapers

Free wallpapers for computer desktop. Wallpapers of bears. BEAR, any of seven genera of large mammals constituting the family Ursidae. Bears include the largest members of the order Carnivora and are closely related to pandas, raccoons, and dogs. They are distinguished from other CARNIVORE families by having heavy bodies, a short tail and short, rounded ears, plantigrade feet (both heel and sole touching the ground, as in humans), and a hind foot with five toes. They also lack the shearing teeth common to most carnivores; the crushing molars of bears are believed to be an adaptation for a plant diet. Although bears are classified as carnivores, the different species vary widely in their feeding habits. For example, the polar bear feeds almost exclusively on seals and other animals, but may also graze on vegetation; the grizzly eats grasses, herbs, berries, and nuts as well as living or dead animals.

Brown Bears 1
Family of brown Bears