Monkeys Wallpapers

MONKEY Wallpapers and Photos 1600*1200 MONKEY Wallpapers and Photos 1024*768 MONKEY Wallpapers and Photos 800*600 MONKEY, generally, any one of the higher primates other than humans. More specifically, the term monkey is restricted to the species that in the Americas constitute the families Cebidae (CAPUCHIN MONKEY; HOWLER MONKEY; SPIDER MONKEY,) and Callitrichidae ( MARMOSET,); and in the Old World constitute the family Cercopithecidae (BABOON; LANGUR; MACAQUE,). All monkeys have eyes set at the front of the head, giving them binocular vision and the ability to judge distance and depth. Their well-developed color vision also increases their ability to pick out detail through the leaves of trees. For the monkeys that adapted to life on the ground, the characteristics developed from arboreal life serve them well: manual dexterity, keen vision, and an ability to learn quickly from experience. A collection of the most beautiful wallpapers featuring monkeys. Keywords: animal, ape, cold, face, hug, love, mammal, monkey, nature, primate, snow, wildlife, zoo