Ants Wallpapers

Free wallpapers for computer desktop. Wallpapers of ants.The four life stages of an ant are egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The minute white or yellowish eggs laid by the queen hatch in two to six weeks and develop into white larvae, or grubs. After feeding a few weeks to several months larvae become pupae, commonly but incorrectly called ant eggs. In some species the pupae are naked, and in others they are covered with cocoons spun from a substance that they secrete at the end of the larval stage. After the pupal stage, during which no food is taken, the adults appear. During development the immature ants are fed, cleaned, and attended by the adult workers. As in all insects with a complete metamorphosis, the ant has attained its full size when it leaves the pupa stage. Left to themselves, males generally die after fertilizing the queens in the nuptial flight, and queens and workers may live for several years. Queens of some species of the genus Formica are known to live longer than 15 years.

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