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Horses Wallpapers

HORSE, mammal of the genus Equus, of the family Equidae. The genus contains the domestic horse, E. caballus, and three groups of species living in the wild state. One group comprises the ZEBRA, native to Africa; another consists of the ASS, including the kiang and onager of Asia and the wild ass of Africa. The third group contains Przhevalskiís horse, E. przhevalskii, now native to western Mongolia only, but formerly found over a much wider range. The only extant true wild horse, it crosses with the domestic horse and produces fertile progeny. Przhevalskiís horse, while not a direct ancestor of E. caballus, is believed to be the survivor of a species that contributed to the origin of the domestic horse. Other so-called wild horses in various parts of the world are descendants of domestic horses that have reverted to the wild state.

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