Britany Daniel Wallpapers

Brittany Ann Daniel was born in Gainesville, Florida on March 17, 1976, five minutes before the birth of her twin sister Cynthia. Mr. Daniel was a member of the Florida State University Systems Board of Regents as well as a devout Catholic, as was mom Carolyn, making for a rather strict upbringing for the Daniel twins and their older brother Brad. Nevertheless, whatever parameters their parents imposed on them did not conflict with the sisters' shared aspirations, and by the age of 11, both girls had begun working professionally as print models. sunshine girl By their 14th birthdays, Brittany and Cynthia both boasted rather lengthy modeling resumes, having appeared together in such teenybopper magazines as Seventeen, YM and Sassy. They had also made their first foray into the acting world in tandem, taking on the guest part of a double-headed dragon in a 1987 episode of The New Leave It to Beaver. While this first bit part may have seemed trivial at the time, the experience that accompanied it later proved fruitful. At 5'6" and 5'7" respectively Cynthia and Brittany were considered too short for runway work and, although a profession as print models would certainly have been a reasonable option, early exposure to television work had suggested to the Daniel twins that their career paths did not have to be restricted to such.