Brooke Satchwell Wallpapers

Full name Brooke Kerith Satchwell Birthdate November 14th, 1980 Eyes Blue Hair Color Dark Brown (Naturally) Shoe Size Nine (!) Lifestyle Home Main Ridge, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia Hobbies Horse riding, reading, Shakespeare, watching thunderstorms and listening to music Sports Surfing, swimming Family Parents: Jane and Andrew. Younger sister: Catherine Pets Two dogs, Misty and Zac; one cat, Rueben; two horses, Rex and Burt. Twelve goldfish. Born on Friday 14th November 1980, several weeks premature, no one knew Brooke would turn out to be such a beautiful woman. Leading a relatively normal life with two caring parents, it was not until one day in Brooke's first year at high school when she was absent from school ill, when a woman came into her mother's office selling kids books. She was from a casting agency and asked Brooke if she has ever done any modeling work before. Much to Brooke's amazement the lady handed her a business card and asked her to call the office. On doing this, Brooke's fame escalated. She first appeared as a foot on a Clarke shoe advert and then in various other adverts. Over a year passed and Brooke became very interested in forensic psychology, in fact she spent most of the summer of 1996 in a morgue but left to do the Neighbours auditions before the freezer doors were opened.