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Carly Pope is twenty years old. She was born on August 28, 1980 in Vancouver. She graduated from Lord Bying Secondary School. She then took classes at the University of British Colombia. She quite classes after a semester to persue her career. Hobbies: writing, poetry, reading, playing the guitar, and spending time with her brothers. Carly lives in Los Angles. She has a dog. P.S.> Hey guys........She's got a boyfriend!Movies/TV Shows she acted in: "Cowboys and Aliens", "A Cooler Climate", "Purple Haze", "Snow Day", and of course "Popular"! More Information- "I've been Waiting for You" 1998 Played a Cheerleader TV Movie,Disturbing Behavior 1998 Played Abbey Movie, "Popular" 1999-current Played Sam McPherson TV Show, "A Cooler Climate" 1999 Played Beth Tanner Movie! Catch Carly Pope on the WB's Popular Friday nights at 9:00!


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